IMPORTANT! Here Specification Should Know When You Buy New Smartphones


1. Note the Pixel Density

Note the Pixel Density

Good or smartphone screen is not because of its size, but on the extent to which the sharpness of the screen. The sharpness of the screen can be known whether the pixel in the display is still visible. The higher the pixel density, the display screen smartphones become increasingly sharp.

In a normal distance, the naked human eye can paket murah wisata pangandaran green canyon not see the picture display on a smartphone with more than 256 ppi pixel. While the visibility is close to the human eye can see up to 300 ppi screen and within very close distance of about 400 ppi.

On the other hand, the greater the resolution it will take a higher power. Creating become wasteful batteries and nondurable. The best option is that you can look for a smartphone with a screen density between 300-500 ppi, to get a balance of performance and battery efficiency.

2. The RAM Great, The Good

RAM, The Big is Better

RAM memory is a temporary storage area at the time of smartphones running, waiting in line to be processed by the CPU. RAM is very influential and important to speed the process of our current smartphone to do multitasking. The function of RAM is to expedite the processing of the data on the smartphone so that you can switch between applications more smoothly.

The larger the size of the RAM on Android, the better. cincin tunangan But if we look at the current Android smartphone which has reached 6GB, may look very lebay. Given the iOS mobile operating system from Apple, only has 2GB RAM on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. However, the matter of performance can rival Android smartphone with 6GB of RAM though.

So, for now if you buy a cheap Android smartphone. Choose at least the minimum has 2GB RAM. For the upper middle Android smartphone, can find a smartphone with 3GB RAM, 4GB or more.

3. Number Minimum Internal Storage

Minimum number Internal Storage

The development of operating systems and applications are increasingly sophisticated, smartphone with 4GB and 8GB of memory intenal is not feasible anymore purchased. Minimal look smartphone with 16GB of disk space. The actual capacity is small at the moment, but you can work around the memory card.

The problem is that not all smartphone has support for memory cards. Do not be sad, you can take advantage of cloud storage services anyway. So, files such as photos and documents can be uploaded. For entertainment, music and video streaming also is the current trend. So, you do not have to store files offline.

4. Importance Chipset Type

Importance Chipset Type

Broadly speaking, the performance of the smartphone depending on the chipset used. But we know the number and speed of the core is usually the benchmark, whereas other factors are no less important. As smaller manufacturing technologies, is able to reduce the possible heat and 64-bit architectures.

Next is the number of cores, multi-core processors are definitely better but how many cores you need? The short answer is “at least two cores”. Dual-core processor with a clock speed higher will usually outperform chipset which has a lower clock speeds, but more cores.

This is because most applications are programmed to only run on one CPU core at a time resulting in faster performance of individual cores then it’s better. As Apple A9 chipset in the iPhone 6s, which only has a dual-core 1.84 GHz. In a nutshell is the core fewer, but more powerful it was better. Even Qualcomm finally decided the number of cores to 4 A at 820 whereas at Snapdragon Snapdragon 810 contained 8 cores.

5. Megapixels Is not Everything

Megapixels Is not Everything

First megapixel size is a reference for determining the quality of smartphone cameras, but now it is not important anymore. Now depending on the size of the sensor, pixels and a wider aperture. Samsung itself cut 16 MP camera on the Galaxy S6 to 12 MP on the Galaxy S7.

That’s the specs you should know when buying a new smartphone. Specification sheet does not absolutely determine the good or bad of a quality smartphone. So, what do you think?

How to Upgrade to Android KitKat Lollipop

How to Upgrade to Android KitKat Lollipop – Smartphone Asus is famous for a lot of advantages, especially in the performance and affordable price. In addition, the Asus itself is also always provide updated software on smartphone product. Recently, ASUS has officially announced the release schedule for the new update to the Android operating system ZenFone 5 Lollipop prove if Asus smartphones do not quickly feel outdated.

Asus Zenfone 5

Asus Zenfone 5

Reportedly, there will be two updates at once, from the Asus Android paket murah wisata pangandaran green canyon 5.0 and 5.1, depending on the country. ZenFone software updates for this will be given to all families early generation Asus Zenfone Series, the Asus Zenfone 4 Asus Zenfone 4S, Asus Zenfone 5 Asus Zenfone 6 and Asus PadFone S series.

If you’re curious, here’s the official schedule of administration Lollipop update for Asus Zenfone and PadFone are generally sent to the user in turn (not simultaneously):

Type Date

Asus Zenfone 4 & 4S mid-May 2015

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG mid-May 2015

Asus Zenfone 5 LTE Early May

Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG mid-May 2015

Asus PadFone S PF 500KL Early June 2015

Asus Zenfone 5 LTE A500KL series are now beginning to receive Android Lollipop Update. While on, Asus Zenfone 4 (series A400CG / A400CXG), Asus Zenfone 4S A450CG, Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG and Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG derivatives along with cincin tunangan build number will begin to receive Android Lollipop in the near future.

To Asus PadFone S series PF500KL scheduled to get Android Lollipop update in early June. If your smartphone and tablet Asus still uses the Android OS Jelly Bean, be sure to upgrade to Android KitKat first. Because Android Lollipop upgrade can be done if your device is using Android KitKat.

For how to upgrade to Android Lollipop Android KitKat 5.0 on Asus Zenfone 4, 5, 6 and PadFone S, please do check the update via Over the Air (OTA update). The step is go to the “Settings”> “About / About”> “Software update”.

Understanding What Is a Domain and Hosting


What is a domain and hosting? – We all certainly never visit a website instead? Whether it’s school websites or educational websites, social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, or it could be a personal blog. Then if you ever kepikiran if you want to create a website that cool? Surely there must be.

Understanding What Is a Domain and Hosting

Actually, making the website easy but there is certainly capital. But relatively little capital.

All you need is a domain and hosting. What is a domain and hosting? Well, to answer we’ll just discuss, this understanding she domain and hosting.

What is Domain?

Domain name is basically a website in the internet. Just as we are, we are not born with the name? Of course.And most people when named his son did not want the same as the existing name is not it? Of course, that domain. When you create a website, and you plan to order or buy a domain, of course, you can not name your domain with existing ones on the internet.

What does it mean? That is, if you want to create a website with the domain name, then turns before you’re already there are others that have a website that berdomain, then of course you could not buy a domain because previously there had the domain.

Domain also has certain levels. Well here is a review of the level-level domain.

Top Level Domain

Top Level Domain has two types, namely gTLD (Global Level Domain), and the other named ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains). For gTLD, the domain name is “stand alone”, the following is a list of gTLD domain:








Well, while for ccTLD domain, here is the list:



I assume you already know the difference between gTLD ccTLD to ya.

What is Hosting

Okay, now we’ll move on to review or discuss about hosting. Previously, if you know flash or haddisk? Sure tau dong. The devices are used to store data instead? Well as well as hosting. Hosting is a place where the data will your website as articles, pictures, coding-coding template will be saved in the hosting.

Simply put, hosting a “digital flash” for the website owner. Without a hosting, we certainly can not make a website, because hosting is the place where all the data on the need for a website to be saved on the hosting.

Before you buy a hosting, make sure that the hosting has qualified specification for your website needs. Specifications are important in a hosting to build a website include:

Space or capacity which is owned hosting.

Bandwidth, a capacity that is used to measure the number of visitors who go to your website. So I recommend to choose hosting that has a large bandwidth. Oiya, Bandwidth is usually reset every month.

Database, I also advise to choose hosting that supports large databases, because the database is used to determine the amount of data you can save.

Tricks Holidays in Bali Only $ 1 Million

bali 2

Because there’s promo ticket to Bali on one airline, you are too impulsive afford to leave this weekend. Yet now the old date and your budget for the holidays only Rp 1 million. Uh-oh!

Do not immediately cancel or selling a ticket to a friend. Budget segitu more than enough, you know, to spend a vacation in Bali over the weekend. Want to know how?

1. Needless to luxury hotels

It is most convenient if you have friends or relatives in Bali that can be boarded. If not there, there are a lot of hostels, guest houses, and bed & breakfast in Bali that provides rooms with prices under $ 200,000 per night and usually include breakfast. This way, you can save even as the rest of the money you just need to be used to buy lunch and dinner.

Consider some places to stay frugal recommendation following:

Hostel World The Eco Living

Location: Denpasar

Price: Rp 75,000 per person

Cafe Locca Homestay

Location: Sanur

Price: Rp 99,000 per person

The Happy Mango Tree

Location: Ubud

Price: IDR 100,000 per person

Funky Monkey Bali

Location: Kuta

Price: IDR 130,000 per person

Or take advantage of websites like Airbnb with prices tend to be cheaper because the rent is a room in a private home or can also try CouchSurfing which offers a free stay at someone’s house as long as you do not mind sleeping on the couch.

2. Clever find a place to eat

There are thousands of restaurants and trendy cafes in Bali definitely want to try. But since you are a mediocre budget, forget your desire to dissipate. Time to explore the culinary street in Bali that is not less delicious nasi campur or hunting in various restaurant prices are still reasonable. If by chance you are staying in budget accommodation, usually many foreign surfers were on holiday in Bali for months already know any good place to eat, but friendly on the pocket.

Nasi Ayam Ibu Mangku Kedewatan in Ubud and Seminyak is one of the restaurants that are popular among tourists. A serving of chicken nasi campur the complete only charged Rp 30,000. Spicy food lovers can also look forward Nasi Pedas Bu Andika in Tuban and ate and were satisfied with capital less than Rp 50,000. Eat Deliciously Warung in Kuta also always filled with foreign backpackers. In addition to an affordable price, this place also serves Indonesian cuisine delights suitable name with pocket-friendly prices.

To prevent a lot of snacks, try to bring their own snacks to keep watch while you’re feel like snacking. When will bask on the beach, do not forget to bring a snack-snack included a bottle of water so you do not need to buy snacks at the stalls beachside sometimes the price can be twice that of the original price.

If you want to be more efficient, bring also some instant noodle packages for stricken brewed when you are hungry in the middle of the night or if breakfast inn turned out to be less filling.

3. Rent your own vehicle

Rather than spend hundreds of thousands per day only for the fare, why not rent a vehicle alone? To rent a motorcycle in Bali, you usually only need to pay Rp 30,000 to Rp 50,000 per day. If by chance you are on holiday with a crowd of friends in large quantities, you can rent a car at a cost of about USD 250,000 a day (not including the driver). If divided by 4 to 5 people, this feels more affordable cost.

4. Research before leaving

Do not let’ve come all the way to the beach which was recommended many people, the beach is a beach club, which requires you to pay Rp 250,000 as of admission. In order for this kind of incident does not, it helps you find out first information about the exciting spots you want to go before leaving for Bali. Also check the entry ticket price so that you can prepare the money first. Research easy you can do this via the Internet at the same time can also help you in preparing the itinerary.

5. Buy a package holiday from e-commerce website

Now many e-commerce websites where you can not only buy air tickets or hotel vouchers, but also a vacation package that includes accommodations, meals, transportation within the city, the entrance fee to the airline tickets. The price can vary, depending on what is offered in the package. Make sure you choose a vacation package that suit your desires and budget, of course.

If your budget is only Rp 1,000,000 coincidence, just look for travel packages that costs as (there are even cheaper, you know). You are going to spend most or all budgetmu to buy the package, but then when I got there you had no need to spend money again.

Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites and Insect

nyamuk 3

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 Not only in summer, when the rainy season was mosquitoes and other insects as increasingly rampant. Especially mosquitoes, bite not only will itch and left a red mark, and even some types of mosquitoes can also affect very dangerous.

“Some mosquito there transmitting West Nile virus, whose case has increased in recent years,” said the dermatologist, Professor Larry Millikan, MD, from Meridian, Mississippi, USA.

Disease caused by a virus that is transmitted from mosquitoes can cause fevers and diminution of immunity, and can last for weeks. In the majority of people exposed to mosquito bites, continued Larry, will appear a number of neurological symptoms and cause of death.

Well, keep your body free from mosquitoes or other insects that often arise in the dry season or the rainy season, there are a number of tips that you can do. By doing the following seven tips, you can avoid the various interruptions until malignancies.

1.Nyalakan Fan

 Mosquitoes can not fly well when exposed to strong winds, as expressed by American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA). So, one way that you can do to make the mosquitoes do not like living at home, plug the fan in the ceiling in a closed room or use a large fan placed on the porch to allow air to easily change and mosquitoes away

  1. Do not Let Mosquitoes Evolving Biak

 “Get rid of all stagnant water around your home and yard, because that is where mosquitoes can easily spawn,” said Millikan. Remove all water suspended in flower pots, trays, buckets, pet or drink containers. Immediately Change the water in the fish pond and birdbath pet regularly.

  1. Wear Apparel sleeveless & Trousers

 Exposing skin although in the house, is tantamount to giving the opportunity for mosquitoes biting your skin freely. Mosquitoes will be very active at dusk till dawn (though some species of mosquitoes will remain active and bites during the day).

“Wear long sleeves or long pants to cover the skin so as not bitten at rush hours mosquito work,” said chemist and researcher, Ulrich Bernier, Ph.D., from the Agricultural Research Service, Florida.

Mosquitoes, Ulrich said, they can bite through thin fabric. “Spray clothing with insect repellent and try to be in the light, because some mosquitoes are more attracted to the color of the light or dark rooms.”

  1. Turn Candles

 Containing citronella candles or torches with fuel oil, can repel mosquitoes. But if you’re not a fan of odors or specific scent, smells fragrant aromatherapy candles can help too.

AMCA explained, citronella aroma can not offer protection significantly compared to other scented candle smoke. Furthermore, candles also do not offer total protection against mosquitoes, so you still have to use an inhaler mosquitoes.

5.Pasang Lamp Mosquito & Insect Repellent

 Yellow light bulb is considered to be able to repel mosquitoes and other insects to drop by your house porch. Yellow coating on the lamp will obscure the view of insects and mosquitoes. If installed on the front porch, you will be spared from the invasion of insects and mosquitoes.

  1. Select Mosquito & Insect Repellent Drugs at Once

 When buying insect repellent spray, make sure that the drug has a content that can repel insects as well, such as cockroaches. When choosing an insect repellent that is directly massaged into the skin, choose one that contains lemon and eucalyptus oil naturally. Besides the mosquitoes away, your skin will remain smooth.

But remember, always the one to read what is indicated on the label, because there are several sprays for mosquitoes will evaporate faster than others. Moreover, there are several types of insects that it should always be on the home page as it serves as a natural ecosystem chain or mosquito eaters.

  1. Drinking Little Beer

 Although this opinion still need to be further opinion, but a small study shows AMCA fact, it turns reluctant mosquito landed on the skin of a volunteer who had been drinking beer.

Lars Ulrich And Jason Newsted Recalls Black Album

black album

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Metallica group’s fifth album, which is titled the same as the name of the band, this year turns a quarter century. Lars Ulrich (52), drummer and founder of the band, calling the album is more popularly called Black Album for black color that dominates it as an album cover that is full of wonders.

“So many elements and facts regarding the album that I myself do not even know where to begin to explain from where,” said Ulrich quoted in page (04/09/2016, h / t Billboard Pop Shop Podcast).

When retrospect regarding the impact of the careers of the Black Album band formed in 1981, who was born in Gentofte, Denmark, it was claimed that they were indeed surprised by the market’s enthusiasm. Even so, as the band has been a decade formed when the album was released, they are much better prepared for a career change is so significant.

“The difference for example with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Guns N Roses first album immediately sold in the market. This makes them suddenly have to deal with major changes in everything. While we got it in stages,” he added.

Another thing that makes Ulrich can not understand is the fact that the applicants Black Album still abundant. Every week released Elektra Records album was never sold less than 1,000 units since it was first released to the market.

Throughout this year, sales were consistent even in the figures of 5,000 units per week, bringing the total has survived for more than 390 weeks on the Billboard 200 album charts.

“It’s amazing. I’m curious to see who the buyer was. Are they really have never had an album before? Or they buy them to replace the older version? Or perhaps because Black Album has just appeared on their radar?” Ulrich added.

Jason Newsted (53), former bassist Cliff Burton in to fill the place in 1986 and resigned in 2001, recalled the creative process behind the making of the album.

“We all have to prepare ourselves, to sacrifice everything, preparing to produce an album that is bigger and better than before. Bob Rock who came as the producer has a way of working themselves, but we were ready for him. So he is ready to escort us. I am very proud of all the hard work stipulated for that album, “Newsted recalls to Billboard (12/8).

In the composition of the song, the Black Album were recorded since October 6, 1990 until June 16, 1991 in the studio One on One, Los Angeles, California, is not as tough and complex Like the four previous albums. The use of cello in the song “The Unforgiven” and adding an element of orchestration on “Nothing Else Matters” is an example of such changes.

Duration of the songs was also trimmed so that more radio-friendly. “Enter Sandman” which is being promoted as the first single lasted no more than five minutes. Compare with the “One”, a hit from the album … And Justice for All (1988), which nearly touched the eight minute.

Subject trimming duration of the song, guitarist Kirk Hammett in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine (14/11/1991) says, “Most of our concert audience bored with songs of long duration. We think so enjoy while playing, but they are just the opposite. Experience it made us finally cut the duration of the song. “

“But still, fans of Metallica fanatics consider a traitor for working with producers rock songs are plaintive ballad,” said Andy O’Connor, music journalist who often writes on pages Vice and Pitchfork, to Uproxx.

Arian13 (vocalist grin) via electronic mail to found Metallica Black Album is an attempt to try new things. The appointment of Bob Rock who previously produced the band’s albums bearers of hair metal like Bon Jovi and Motley Crue is one of the updates.

Attendance Rock (now aged 62) was not in vain. He managed to make Metallica sound more compromise in ordinary music listener’s ears. As a result Black Album sold 597 thousand copies in the initial week of sales.

Songs from the album were presented as single successful through Billboard 100, ranging from “Enter Sandman (position 16),” The Unforgiven “(35),” Nothing Else Matters “(34),” Wherever I May Roam “( 82), and “Sad But True” (98).

According to Nielsen Music, Black album has sold a total of 16.5 million units in the US specifically making it the best selling Metallica album to this day. Of these, 5.8 million of whom are album cassette tape format.

“All the scorn of the album that does not have a significant impact on sales. The proof Metallica get new fans far more than the number of critics. For the first time the band has also received the attention of many people,” said O’Connor.

Metallica may be called as opening the way to further widen the influence of thrash metal genre worldwide. Also makes bands bearers of the genre gets more exposure than the mainstream media. And it’s all thanks to the Black Album.

Portland Cement Production Method

Portland cement is made to go through several steps, so it is very smooth and has adhesive and cohesive properties. Semen is obtained by burning simultaneously a mixture of calcereous (containing calcium carbonate or limestone) and argillaceous (containing alumina) with a certain ratio. concrete batching plant
By making easy steps:
1. The content of portland cement in the form of lime, silica and alumina, as the base material
2. Third base material was mixed and burned at a temperature of 1550 ° C and into clinker
3. Then removed, cooled and pulverized into powder like powdered
4. Normally plus gypsum or calcium sulfate (CaSO4) is approximately 2 to 4 percent as a bonding time controller
5. Then put into the bag with the weight of each bag of 40 Kg or 50 Kg to be marketed.
d. Attributes of Portland Cement
Kimi arrangement on portland cement:

Lime (CaO)

Silica (SiO2)

Alumina (Al2O3)

Iron (Fe2O3)
0.5 to 6

Magnesium (MgO)
0.5 to 4

Sulfur (SO3)

Soda / Potash (Ma2O + 2O)
0.5 to 1

Although complex, but basically there can be mentioned 4 fourth most important compounds such compounds are:
Tricalcium silicate (C3S) or 3CaO.SiO2
Dicalcium silicate (C2S) or 2CaO.SiO2
Tricalcium aluminate (C3A) or 3CaO.Al2O3
Tetrakalsium aluminofert (C4AF) or 4CaO.Al2O3.Fe2O3.

1) hydration of cement
Cement hydration process takes place when the water in contact with the direction from the outside to the inside, meaning the results of hydration settles on the outside and a core that has not been hydrated cement on the inside is gradually hydrated so that the volume decreases. Hydration beginning of the process has been slow, between 2-5 hours which is called (the induction period or active) before accelerating after the skin surface rupture. In the next stage of hydration, the cement paste into a gel (very finely granulated result of hydration, has a very large surface area)
2) the strength of cement paste and the amount of water used
The strength of the hardened cement paste depends on the amount of water used when hydration process takes place. Basically, the amount of water required by the hydration process is only approximately 25 percent of the weight of the cement, the addition of water will reduce strength after hardening. However, the excess water (lubricants) will also result in more porous pasta.
3) The physical properties of cement
Portland cement used for the concrete must have a certain quality that has been set in order to function effectively, periodic examination needs to be done whether in a dry powder or a cement paste that has been hard, also made of cement concrete properties of the cement tersebut.ada important, namely;
a) the fineness of grain
The reaction between cement and water starts from the surface of the cement grains, so the surface area of the cement grains (weight of cement are the same), the faster the hydration process. In general, fine grained cement that increases the cohesion of fresh concrete (fresh concrete) and may also reduce the bleeding, but also increased tendency to shrink more concrete and facilitate the occurrence of shrinkage cracks.
b) Time bond
Cement when mixed with water to form a gel that gradually becomes less plastic, and eventually becomes hard. In the first stage of this process is achieved when the cement paste rigid enough to withstand the pressure. The time to reach this stage is called bonding time. Bonding time is divided into two, namely;
a. Initial bonding time is the time from when mixing cement and water until keplastisannya loss of properties.
b. Final bonding time is the time reaches the pasta into hard times.
In ordinary portland cement, the initial bonding time should not be less than 60 minutes and the final bonding time can not be longer than 480 minutes (eight hours)

11 Tips for a Perfect Holiday

relax at the beach

Looking for tips for your perfect holiday? What are the steps to follow in order not to forget anything and avoid falling into the common mistakes? Here are 11 tips to help you choose the ideal destination for your holidays and organize a trip without a hitch

The perfect holiday is a bit ‘the chimera of all inveterate travelers, both newcomers to the trip that experts still looking, in fact, the queen of all the holidays, the experience unforgettable. A little ‘as the surfers who seek the perfect wave, the musicians the perfect melody, single people (sometimes even “not single” …) the perfect girl, vacationers and travelers everywhere expect the perfect trip invests them fully! Meanwhile, for those who prefer to “build it yourself” perfection … here are 11 tips to try!

1 – Do you understand what you want from your holiday

Do you prefer an adventure holiday? Do you like to explore? Do you enjoy total relaxation? Want to know completely different places and cultures? Based on this response, there are many places in the world (also a short walk from your house) that can be the ideal destination for your holidays.
Some people do not feel too comfortable in different countries, the other on the contrary, feel the need to get away because a trip too close to home appears as little more than a walk in the neighborhood.
Try to understand, to understand your actual needs to find the right destination for you.

2 – Schedule

After choosing your travel destination, you can start planning, planning. Do not book a hotel or a very early flight, take advantage of the last minute, something is found always. Explore the internet or ask your agency adviser, without recommending or search for points of interest, the peculiarities of the place.
Be careful, because some countries may be not too hospitable and, in some ways, even dangerous, so well informed about the customs and everything there is to know.
Above all, choose well with those who go on the road, unless you prefer to travel alone. This is a critical choice that may depend on the outcome of the entire trip. Fights or clashes of opinions too frequent with your travel partner can ruin everything.

3 – Book

Attention to the choice of flight and hotel or accommodation in general: if you have already had bad experiences with an airline, do not repeat the same mistake and go on the safe side. Similarly, the choice of accommodation, housing, made advice from someone who has already been in that place, read reviews or ask your agency. Choose something cheap but not at the expense of the position and quality.
Find a fair compromise: a hotel too far from the center and places of interest does not save you, why would you spend time and means of transport, but a poor hotel … well ‘, that I tell you to do?

4 – Avoid stress

Not always fall into the same error: there are things we must deal in due course. Especially if you are a person always late, do not go at the last minute to the airport! The unexpected happen, and if so far has always gone well, does not mean it will always be so. You know the saying “There’s always a first time”? Be ‘, there are always second and third times! Make sure, in time, have all the necessary documents. Risks of losing Zanzibar because “thought” of bringing this passport, but …! Pack your suitcase with the right advance (not a month before …), you will avoid forgetting important things.

5 – Make research

Use Wikipedia, talk to friends who have already been there, ask the agency to trust, but learn something about local customs, may be decisive. Dress appropriately, climate (by the way, look at the first forecasts …), search videos and images. You will avoid unpleasant surprises or cultural acclimatization problems.

6 – Do suitcase

Council perhaps geared more to women than to men: no need to lug around all over the house! If nothing else, begins to select only what you are sure you will serve. We, you know, you do not minister to you the neckline on Machu Picchu? Forget it…!
In general, the advice is to ask to hand things in common use.

holiday bus

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Remember not to bring sharp objects if you go by plane, why do not you make them pass; depending on the type of trip, do not bring valuables or bags with a renowned brand in clear view, or could increase the possibility of theft. And do not bring clothes that “might” put, but only what you are sure / to put.

7 – Watch out for your things

Always pay attention to your belongings, keep the camera linked to the wrist, the phone right in your pocket, always carries a backpack that can hold on your shoulder when you go to the bathroom. Do not leave your luggage unattended even if you walk away for a few seconds. If you leave valuables in the room, keep them well preserved in a safe deposit box or hide them well.

8 – Be realistic

Attention to expect too much from the holiday and by yourself. Usually, when you make plans too perfect and it is expected that everything goes in the right direction … well ‘, it should not be so! But do not let the banality of mistakes, something went wrong ruin the rest of your vacation. Hover over, if there’s nothing left to do, damned useless to the soul, think of to enjoy the rest of the holiday.
Similarly, do not think about becoming a different person when you go on vacation: you are a distracted kind? Probably forget something in your room before a trip, instead get a reason and enjoy it! You’re not the type who gets up early and walk all day? You will not be even on vacation! Think enjoy it for what it is and for who you are.

9 – Be spontaneous

Agreed to the program, plan, but there is a limit to everything, no? Otherwise, it is no pleasure? Try something unexpected, something new, do not be afraid to try strange culinary delights, get out of the box every now and then, will be the one that will make your holiday absolutely unforgettable.
Similarly, if your program had something that you realize not be to your taste once there, do not hesitate to turn away: the program is not a requirement, but only a rough indication.

10 – Enjoy the moment

As I say, sometimes you realize how happy and carefree is a time precisely when this is over. Every so often, we think to enjoy it, in the present, rather than thinking of bringing it with them in the future. Is it okay to take pictures and video, but sometimes, we turn off everything and we just enjoy that moment, there, with our eyes, without digital filters. Live the present to the future instead of photographing a moment that you have not really lived fully.

11 – Remember

There are places that you will not see more. Because it will not be possible, because they simply prefer to see the other, or maybe because you are no longer the same when we get back. We cherish certain memories, and we learn from these experiences. Each trip has a load of experience to pass on, and one day you will think and remember what you were lucky to be there.


two seat at the beach for relax

– Do not buy for souvenirs force with the name of the place where you were as a souvenir. It could be enough for the plane ticket or maybe the things that you are getting at a particular time for records;
– Learn some basic words or phrases if you go to a foreign country;
– Do not call friends or family too often;
– Immerse yourself in the culture where you are, try and live their traditions, their food, their customs.
– Try to know and converse with the local people, cultural exchange is essential.
– Try different means of transport, from the bicycle to the subway, bus, etc …

Yoga Holidays

yoga holiday

Want to give yourself a weekend or a week of well-being? Discover the best destinations in Italy and abroad for your yoga holidays. That’s about the best events, retreats and yoga seminars, and the ideal destinations for a spiritual vacation getaway.

Yoga is an ancient discipline, explained by Patanjali nearly 5000 years ago! It is not necessarily connected to religion, although in some Eastern cultures it is. Now it practiced anywhere, at different levels and in different ways, it is also appreciated by science: many studies show that, when practiced with a minimum of consistency, it works both physically and mentally.

If you have already come close to this age-old practice you know that there are many styles of Yoga. So why not combine holiday and wellness? But how to choose a yoga-holiday? We give you some suggestions!

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Parrot Cay Beach

Yoga originated in India, and, over time, has become increasingly integrated with the two religions: Hinduism and later Buddhism. In more recent years, thanks to some important masters, this ancient practice has also come to the West, in increasingly disconnected looking strictly religious cases piers with whom you want is linked over the centuries in the native country. Clearly teachings and teachers vary according to the chosen style.

Overview iPhone SE And Price

iPhone SE – new 4-inch Apple smartphone, presented by Tim Cook during the presentation on March 21. About the smartphone it is already known to all, in fact, in Russia it went on sale. But whether to buy it? And who purchase will like more? Consider the new product as closely as possible, while at the same time to answer all the burning questions in an honest review of the iPhone SE.


Reviews of art made behind the scenes to begin with the appearance of the device, but what if we face a smartphone with a design that the whole world is already familiar for almost three years? the SE iPhone with iPhone 5s just like two drops of water – not everyone is a fan of Apple technology will be able to distinguish between smart phones, so insignificant among raznitsa.Obzor iPhone SERaznitsa still there. The first – on the verge of the front panel iPhone SE is not skewed as that of iPhone 5s. Some special integrity appearance of this smartphone, of course, does not give, but this decision to Apple once and for all given to understand – “beveled edges in the devices more from us not wait.” And the second – the traditional color of the case Apple smartphones add color “pink gold”, so that the sight of pink 4-inch smartphone, you know that before you a proud owner of the SE, rather than becoming obsolete technically iPhone 5s. Don’t Forget Read Perbedaan Iphone 5 Dan 5siphone5s-review

The rest of the iPhone SE is a copy of iPhone 5s. He still familiar (for owners of the iPhone 5 / 5s, of course) is held in the hand and allows you to freely perform any action without the help of a second hand.

When the iPhone was first introduced to the SE Apple guidance, many were taken aback, did not appreciate the course design “apple” of the company. Then the film began to disappear, because it is design iPhone 5s, which took over the iPhone SE, it is considered to be a reference. We can not disagree with this and just believe that with the appearance of Apple’s not lost.

Concluding talk about iPhone SE appearance would like to highlight another positive point. A similar iPhone 5s design gives news owners to choose Case, probably the largest collection of covers in the world. For the SE fit any iPhone bumpers and covers ever created for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, so choose a model to your taste happens to everyone. Are interchangeable, and certain components of the SE and the iPhone iPhone 5s, which could significantly reduce the cost of repairing a smartphone.


And if the iPhone SE appearance borrowed from the iPhone 5s, then the characteristics of the new 4-inch smartphone is almost completely copied from the iPhone 6s. And that’s a fact no one grieve just can not. Just because we have the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever created.

For iPhone SE might meet A9 processor, coprocessor M9 and 2 GB of RAM – all as the flagship iPhone 6s. How much technology progressed especially most noticeable in comparison iPhone SE and iPhone 5s.

That seems to be two completely identical smartphone. But on the first opening any applications and games, and in a completely any amount; with lightning speed work to switch between running applications; and Safari coexist peacefully without attempting to restart themselves when users access all open tabs. On the second at this time there is a “leisurely” deliberation requested by the user command. The funny thing is that the slow iPhone 5s appears only in comparison with his more advanced 4-inch brother.